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[ Our Genesis ]

We look for new ways to improve the digital experience of our customers by Innovating and Transforming Organizations People, Processes and Products.

We believe in employee satisfaction and we work hard to create a positive work environment that encourages creativity and growth to provide top-notch service to our customers.

If you're looking for a company that values innovation, customer satisfaction and career growth, then join our team.

[Growth @ iOPEX]

Growth aspirations and the desire for thought process and freedom constitute career goals for a majority of us. We encourage our employees to be their best selves at work!

Discover the opportunity to work together in unison, harnessing ideas, beliefs, and passion!

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We have opportunities that can transform and up your career game. All you need is a spark for us to ignite.

Lateral Hire

We are looking for innovators, trailblazers and catalysts to join and grow with us.

[Our Core Values]

We aim to add value to our customers by being responsive with a solid commitment to delivery.
We take ownership and act as one global team committed to achieving shared goals.

We promote an Intrapreneurial culture by applying innovation and creativity to everything we do.
We help transform ideas into profitable ventures to advance and grow.

We hold ourselves to high moral principles through honesty, commitment, and trust.
We build relationships through fairness, respect, and standing for what is right in a fair and unbiased manner.

We empower our employees through open communication, cooperation, and trust.
We drive professional excellence through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning.

[Diversity, Equality & Inclusion]

iOPEX initiates employment processes irrespective of a person's gender, age, race, colour, disability, origin or any other characteristic’s protected by applicable law. We strive to be the most diverse and inclusive workplace. For us, employees are our greatest asset. Our strong diversity policy ensures that all our employees are given an equal opportunity to succeed. We work hard to create a positive work environment that celebrates talent & merit and build a deeply committed workforce that reflects diversity.

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